Freddy's Terror: Scare Your Friends



General information


This privacy policy governs your use of the software application Freddy's Terror: Scare Your Friends for mobile devices that was created by Tecdroid. How to use? Freddy's Night Terror: Scare Your Friends is a fun app to play and troll your friends. The application works in a simple way: On the home screen you set the time in minutes and seconds for a bursts animation to appear and click the START button. From there the application is hidden, deliver the mobile to one of your friends encouraging him to do some activity (play a game, access a social network, see photos). Once have passed the set time, a random animation with one of the animatronics will appear and your friend will take a fright scare. Play with him, be careful and have fun.



- Fun for children

- Completely free

- Great for distracting kids and entertaining your friends

- Scares and animations with animatronics appear at the set time without previous notice, be careful and have fun :D.


You can find several animatronics like:

1- Freddy 2- Bonnie 3- Girl 4- Foxy 5- Golden Freddy 6- Toy Freddy 7- Toy Bonnie 8- Toy Girl 9- Mangle 10- Old Freddy 11- Old Bonnie 12- Old Girl 13- Old Foxy 14- Old Golden Freddy 15- Puppet 16- Balloon Boy 17- BG 18- Springtrap 19- Cupcake 20- Ballora 21- Ennard 22- Minireena 23- Phone Guy 24- Yenndo 25- Nightmarionne



User Provided Information


This application collects some personal data from its users for the following purposes:


- Advertising (Admob)

- Analytics (Google Analytics)


This Application is directed to children children over 10 years and for all family. It doesn’t require the child to disclose any more info than is reasonably necessary to participate in its activity. Parents may review the personal information about their child collected by this Application – if any – outlined in the rest of this policy, ask for its deletion and request any further collection or use to be omitted by contacting the Owner. Parents may also agree to the collection and use of their child’s information, but still not allow disclosure to third parties, unless disclosure is integral to the Service.



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